Actus Purus

Virtual Football Club Actus Purus commonly referred to as V-FC Actus Purus is a International Virtual Professional Football Club (based in the Netherlands). This Football club participates in 11 vs 11 virtual soccer matches in the game mode Pro Clubs of the videogame FIFA on the gameconsole Playstation 4 (PS4).

Open Registration: Transfer April 2020

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About V-FC Actus Purus

Founded in December 2017 by TRU Modz CEO, Preet. (By the name ES11 Feyenoord)

League: Esports 11

Active : August 2017- December 2017


The Club moved to the Spanish league of ES11. ( By the name ES11 FC Barcelona).

League: Esports 11

Active : January 2018 – July 2018 

Result : 3rd Place


This Club started a Partnership with PoloTV on the 14th of July 2019. PoloTV managed a team called Sicarios. TRU Modz Sicarios became the name after the partnership

League : VPG

Active: July 2019- September 2019


After the launch of the Videogame FIFA 20 , TRU Modz Sicarios Transformed into TRU Mods Actus Purus. And short after into V-FC Actus Purus


V-FC Actus Purus Participated in the League Esports11

Active : October 2019- December 2019

Result : Promotion Alpha League  (2nd Place)

V-FC Actus Purus plays in the higher division, Alpha League, of Esports11

Active January 2020 – Present

Result : TBA


V-FC Actus Purus Participated in the League Esports11

Division : Alpha

Active : january 2020-march2020

Result : 3rd Place

Collaboration : V-FC Actus Purus & Starz United

Latest News

Preet - Owner

Preet - Owner


Preet is a Dutch professional Virtual football manager and former Virtual player, who is current manager of the Esport Virtual Club Actus Purus. Having managed in several Leagues , he decided to focus on 1 league and start a Virtual Esport Team that can participate in Several Leagues. He took 3rd place in Season 1 of the Spanish league in Esports11 (2018) and became Runner Up (2nd) in Season 4 of the Omega League in Esports11

Virtual Role:
Preet is a Defensive player in the role Centerback. He spend most of his time playing also as a Fullback. Managing and playing at the same moment is not the right combination for him. Thats why he wants to switch over to fully Management of his Club

Clubs managed:

  • ES11 Feyenoord (2017)
  • ES11 FC Barcelona (Season 1 2018)
  • VPG TRU Modz Sicarios (Mid 2019)
  • ES11 Actus Purus (Season 6 2019)


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